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What 2022 has in store for developers!

What 2022 has in store for developers!

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Aman Upadhyay
·Dec 17, 2021·

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Making predictions can be a little intriguing, especially about the future. 2021 was a strange year; most of the folks got back to work at the office but for us, developers, we don't need to care about where we work we just need a laptop and a cup of (ahem..) coffee to get going.

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WEB3 or Decentralized Web is a vision for the internet where everything is decentralized and regulated by smart contracts and crypto instead of the current situation where everything is controlled by Google, Facebook and Amazon. In a decentralized app or DAPP a user owns all of their data instead of an email password identity, users are identified by a blockchain wallet address that usually connects with a browser plugin like metamask while the app itself is a code that lives on the blockchain in the form of a smart contract.

WEB3 gives people real control over their own slice of the internet as opposed to services owned by the tech giants.

WEB3 comes with it's own disadvantages like it being chaotic and hard to develop apps and is not worth the trouble for the time being.



With the speedy advancements made by facebook (eh... Meta) and many other tech giants it becomes evident that we can see a boom in the metaverse field of technology.

The general concept is to build an internet based platform that has multiple access points like your phone, AR and VR. It enables you to have a single profile you can use to interact with different businesses and apps within that platform and communicate with other people too.

Although the hype it may not live up to it (for time being) and the aspect of it will go ever go super mainstream.

Artificial Intelligence


AI has come a long way in the last couple of years and in 2021 it effected us, developers, personally with the release of GitHub Co-Pilot, which is tool that uses AI to automatically write code for you. AI has the undying potential which can work wonders in the future.

2022 is going to be another year significant year for AI.



The trend for Database engines is coming back. SQL has been the most widely used adopted type of database but now its a cool technology to use again. We're seeing AI being implemented into databases to make machine learning workflows much easier. With new tools entering the scene, relational databases are much easier to work with. At the same time with the emergence of noSQL Databases like mongoDB becoming more and more powerful.



Yeah you read that right, JavaScript. With the ever increasing number of frameworks being released it becomes apparent to learn javascript.

With the advent of much cooler meta-frameworks like Next.Js which provides the best of client rendered applications and Server rendered applications it becomes all the more important to know about Javascript.

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