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This is why you can't Code

This is why you can't Code

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Β·Aug 26, 2021Β·

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So you decided to learn coding but were not able to really learn it ?

Well then buckle up, I've got you some questions answered.

But before moving on let's see why you should learn to code in the first place.

Learning to code has become one of the most vital skills today. Even if you're from a non-tech background you should once at least try to learn to code.

Programming also keeps your mind active and healthy. Sure there are other ways but while coding you get to solve real world based problems which take your mental exercise to the top tier. It teaches you how to approach a problem and how to solve it.

Talking of the monetary benefits you can get paid really well off if you're a software developer or maybe also a freelancer.

So let's see some tips which can really help you to code.

1. Learning one Tech at a time πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

Lot's of new Technologies and frameworks are being released every month. So your mind may fickle to learn that new programming language or framework. This leads us to not being able to learn anything properly.

So pick a programming language and stick with it and try to become proficient in it. Don't cram up and try to learn everything.

Hence in the words of Bruce Lee,

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

2. Start with the Essentials ✨

Don't jump to advance stuff right away rather start with the building block of any programming language and move forward as you learn.

Make programs from scratch. You have to write your own code. It is not going to be easy, you have to spend a lot of time debugging and fixing errors but it's all the part of the process. Gradually you'll get better along the way. You'll be gaining in depth knowledge and hands on experience if you solve your errors by your own. You'll get to know where and how your errors occur and how to fix them. That is how you learn to code. Try to solve your problems by yourself only, although you can always reach out for help but you should always try yourself first.


3. Practice a lot ✍

If you want to gain a particular skill you'll need to give it time.

Keep practicing. Initially your work might not look very impressive or you may not be building some really cool stuff from the beginning but as you learn more and practice them you will be making some great projects if you'll be practicing. You need to be consistent and somewhat disciplined. Devote a few hours daily to coding, that's how you will be able to learn coding and become confident in it.


4. Problem Solving / Logic Building πŸ€”

A programming language is just a tool to solve a problem. The real code runs in your mind. You have to solve the problem in your mind. You have to think , think and think . One has to picturize the problem in one's mind before solving or coding it.

You can also write your approach first on a paper and then try to code it. You have to train your Analytical and problem solving skills. This could be achieved only with practice so keep practicing.


5. Making Projects πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Okay so you learnt this concept but when are you going to apply it? So the answer is that you should start making projects. By making projects you'll be able to apply your learnt concepts and will get a better understanding of it. Making projects always plays a greater role in helping you clear all your doubts and the concepts also stay intact in your memory when you make them. So be sure you're making ample of them.

6. Having a good peer group πŸ˜‡

Having a good peer group of like minded people also help a lot while learning to code. Try to learn from people who are smarter and have a little more experience than yourself. Never refrain from asking for help. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people really boosts your learning and helps you understand better. So learning in a community is a nice approach.




So the bottom line is you need to be patient, consistent, practice hard and work on your problem solving skills. Go by these points and you'll be able to code in no time! πŸ₯³

There is no such term as best coder in the world. You just need to code and keep on sharpening your skills. Always remember coding cannot be learnt in a span of few months, it's ever evolving, you need to keep updating your knowledge(keeping sure one thing at time).

Hey Y'all ⚑⚑ I'm Aman, Frontend developer who also happens to know about python. I am on my journey to be a full-stack developer and I post blogs and share useful tips as I learn them.

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