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How to improve your programming logic and why is it Important.

How to improve your programming logic and why is it Important.

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Aman Upadhyay
·Sep 12, 2021·

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Good programming logic is a big plus point to have as a developer.

Logical thinking, whether programming or formal, means applying principles in a disciplined manner to achieve an acceptable result. To have a good grip on a programming language you must have a proper grip on programming logic too.

Here are some methods that may help you to build and develop your Programming Logic.


  • Practice

Practice is the most vital building block to brush up on your programming logic. Practicing new problems regularly also increases your efficiency and improves your speed. Logic skills are always evolving as new features are added to programming languages or new development challenges appear. So regularly practicing problems gives you an edge and you always remain in the know.


  • Think before solving

While approaching a problem you should always give a thorough read to the problem description. You should always give it a proper thought before starting to solve the question. It helps in clearing the basics which are often overlooked.

Programming is about solving problems, a good technique is to split the big problem into small ones to focus on each problem in a better way, you can use pseudocodes in a program or a simple paper.


  • Data Structures

Data structures are the fundamentals of all programming languages. If you get a better command of the data structure of programming languages, then you can quickly improve your programming logic for that language.

  • Read other people's code

Taking a look at the solutions or codes of other people can be really helpful if you're stuck somewhere. Simultaneously it also helps in discovering new logic and seeing the same problem through different lenses. In programming we have many ways to solve problems, maybe another person solved the problem that you have, optimally and simply. Looking at other people’s minds is essential to advance as a programmer.

  • Be Consistent

One of the most important points of this article is being consistent.

Consistency is the key while learning anything new. Many people are not able to build programming logic skills just because of being inconsistent. Start small, solve even one or two problems a day, and then build upon that as you get comfortable.

Be slow but be consistent


Now you must be thinking Ok Aman, I know how to build programming logic, but why should I care to build a programming logic in the first place?.

To answer that,

Logic helps organize code and enables programs to run more efficiently when implemented properly. A well-written code helps the readability of the code. Without properly applied logic, programs cannot produce the expected outputs.

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